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    Update Log
    - Client update
    - Client update
    - Fixed Pet ItemVac
    - Fixed Kami (mostly mage jobs and others)
    - Added Slow Vac in F5( to be used in combo with kami/F5 Bot)
    - Updated Map rusher data
    ==148.3.A==[*] Updated to 148.3
     [!] Adjustment/removal on major functions
    ==143.2.A==[*] Updated to the latest ver -made many fixes to be more stable  
    ==142.2.A== [*] Updated to Client 142.2 
    [+] updated new blackcipher bypass  
    ==142.1.A== [*] Updated to Client 142.1 
    [+] Updated new HS bypass 
    [!] some minor fixes
    [O] Updated to client 139
    [O] Updated to client 138.1
    [O] Updated to client 137.2
    [!] Removed BlackCiph protection completely to avoid any DC/detection that caused by it.
    [O] Updated to Client 135.1
    [!] Improved GND and GND-FMA + full char itemvac
    [!] Improved Autologin
    [!] Fixed NoBreath PopUp issue
    [!] Fixed dc for previous SFA-usable skills for fullmap nodelay attack + itemvac
    [+] Added brand new GND 2.0 - usable wtih most active attack skills.
    [+] Added GND-BA for lvl1+ basic attack [with fullmap +itemvac] 
    [+] Added Multi SpawnXYx in RushBack/Lock Map 
    [+] Added Multi platforms mob vac (setup F9 first before turning on spawnvac)
    [+] Added back Unlimited flash jump
    [O] Updated to client 132
    [!] SFA is currently disabled for fix
    [!] City rush will be updated next ver
    [!] Fixed Autosell/repot not rushing
    [+] Added back memory hack
    [!] Fixed some freeze bug issue
    [!] Improved autorepot/sell while PG/GND fullmap/itemvac
    [!] Fixed Teleport crash
    [!] Fixed City Teleport Rush
    [!] Updated Blackcipher bypass
    [!] Updated SpawnVac 4.0
    [!] Updated box killer
    [O] Updated to 130
    [-] Removed no meso/item drop animation by request
    * Initial patch update, bugs should be expected and reported. They will be focused and fixed in the soon-after updates
    [+] Added 10 more City Teleports
    [!] Fixed no breath pop up issue
    [!] Improved SpawnVac 
    [!] Improved Autologin (no more mouse click)
    [O] Updated to 128.1
    [+] Added Item/Meso Animation remove - CPU Optimize on botting maps [Default]
    [+] Added Enable Disabled Buttons [Beta]
    [+] Improved gnd/fullmap itemvac for safer usage on kaizer and other affected jobs.
    [+] Improved Autologin part 1
    [+] Added Speed Control for GND with PG and FA
    [!] Changed AutoLoot key to NumPad 0
    [!] Fixed Magnus No Metero godmode
    [!] Fixed F3 disable crash with cashshop
    [!] Auto CC seems to be more stable than cs this version
    [O] Updated to 127.1/2
    [+] Added Fix -> client town lag [on Default]
    [+] Added Hack -> 100% recharge for angelic buster class (require 4th job, 1 point in Trinity Skill) [Beta]
    [+] Added Hack -> No Recharge Angelic Buster 4th Job Trinity Skill [ on Default]
                      - turn off 100% recharge when using trinity for better results
    [+] Added Misc -> Aircheck patch on angelic Buste   [ on Default]
        - please use Vami for angelic Buster only, 
        - kami is not safe as Angelic Buster is checked server sidedly.
        - you may also try gnd-fullmap-char IV on some Angelic skill.
    [+] Added Hack -> Unlimited Flash Jump [ on Default]
    [+] Added Hack -> Map tele to any blocked map [bRush]
    Note: For FMA & IV botting method, timed CC/CS is not needed, only increase DC/crash rate
    Note2: Make sure to enable SFA along with GND or you may crash when attacking with FMA.
    [+] Added Hack/Bot -> GND Full Map + Character Item Vac [F3]
    [+] Added Hack/Bot -> FA Full Map + Character Item Vac  [F3]
    [+] Added Hack/Bot -> PG FULL Map with Character Item Vac [F3]
    [-] Removed Feature-> Char IV from Beta
    [!] Improved Windowed Mode Hook, prevent some random startup crash
    [!] Fixed Minor Bugs
    [+] Added Unlimited Buff [on default]
    [+] Added Nodelay Angelic Buster - Soul buster [F2]
    [+] Added Updated old Kami, working with some jobs atm (phantom,bowman,bam etc... no ab)
    [+] Added Nodelay & no mob push Patch on 26 additional skills (on default) 
    skill list
        1121006 - Rush
        1221007 - Rush
        1321003 - Rush
        5101004 - Corkscrew Blow
        15101003 - Corkscrew Blow
        5001009 - unknwon
        15001007-  unknwon
        4301004 - Tornado Spin
        4321006 - Flying Assaulter
        4311003 - Slash Storm
        4331000 - Bloody Storm
        4341002 - Final Cut
        35001003 - ME-07 Drillhands
        33111002 - Dash 'n Slash
        23111003 - Gust Dive
        23101001 - Rising Rush
        23121003 - Lightning Edge
        31101001 - Dark Thrust
        5111009 - Spiral Assault
        24101002 - Mille Cartes
        24111006 - Rapier Wit
        51101006 - Radiant Driver
        61121102 - Dragon Barrage
        61121203 - Dragon Barrage (Transfiguration)
        65101001 - Pink Pummel
        61101101 - Piercing Blaze
    [!] Fixed -> NoMusic Crash
    [!] Fixed -> Autologin wrong password bug
    [!] Fixed -> box killer
    [!] Fixed -> Magnus Metero godmode
    [o] Updated to patch 126.1
    [+] Updated maprush data to 125
    [+] Added No skill animation into NoDmgShow
    [!] Improved Autosell stability with botting
    [-] old kami is currently not working. vami is working as before however.
    [!] Added Magnus-No metero in Beta window instead of default from previous ver
    [!] Temp removed Unlimited Buff to test its stability
    [+] Added Windowed customized title in win8.
    [+] Added back Restester window check in all systems for quicker restarting.
    [+] Added 20 char slots support
    [!] Reverted to old MapRush data v116 for stability while I check on the new ver
    [+] Added Windows? 8 Support and is now fully compatible with every system
    -function updates-
    [+] Removed Fallling Spiky Balls in Magnus stage for extra godmode[Default]
    [+] Added City Teleport : Azwan
    [+] Added Unlimited Buff (ingores 20 buff limit)
    [!] Improved Autologin (wrong pass msg related?)
    -wz data updates-
    [+] Updated MapRush data to v125
    [+] updated Itemfilter data to v125
    [+] updated mob data to v125
    [+] Added new Kaizer hack - Unlimited Morph Gauge bypass
    [+] Added a kami fix for some rare glitched characters
    ==125.1.A==[*] Updated to Client 125.1
    [!] Minor changes on packet recv
    [!] Fixed Mob Filter
    [!] Improved autologin and initialization to make the whole process more smooth
    [+] Added Unlimited MP Fix for GND
    [+] Added old full godmode and full godmode 2
    [!] Improved Auto cc/cs timing 
    [!] no breath msg will no longer pop up anymore
    [+] Added Generic ND skills w/ Unlimited MP (suitable for all jobs)
    [+] Added Stacked Focus Attack (suitable for all jobs with multi mob skills) 
    [+] Added ND Lumi (+ ND mille[phantom])
    [+] Added a brand New full godmode to replace the old one
    [!] Added [Set to CharXY] for MMC/Gravity Vac
    [!] Fixed hot key {Ctrl + Q} moufuny set for MMC/Gravity Vac
    [!] If you had any autologin problem, please keep both nexon id and password short.
        Also added the notice inside BT
    ==124.2.B==[*] MiniPatch updated
    [!] Improved Autologin during username/pass stage
    [!] Fixed an issue relating ICY
    [!] Fixed CPU hacks
    [!] fixed hp and mp display
    [!] Fixed AutoSpawn
    [!] Version Updated
    [+] Added an extra check of specific client Title with F11 Restarter to be foolproof
    [!] Improved MMC stability, should solve DC issues when activating on some mobs
    [!] Improved auto cc/cs with the new breath detection
    [!]Fixed a possible ab issue when disable FMIV with laggy connection
    [!] Fixed no breath msg pop up issue affecting other functions such as FMIV, auto cs,cc, etc
    [!] Fixed Auto CC and CS issue with the new server sided no breath check
    [!] Fixed CCto command
    [+] Added suicide command (suicide in BT or @bt suicide ingame chat)
    ==123.1.A==[*] Version update
    [!] Optimized AutoCS 
    [!] Fixed an monster No spell cast issue
    [!] Added back unlimited Cannon Jump
    [!] Fixed Phantom ND Mille
    [!] Fixed Trade Crash issue
    [!] Fixed Trade Crash and other minor issues
    [$] Version Update
    [+] Added version display on trainer gui
    [+] Bypassed the new hack detection crash module
    [!] Improved auto pot rebuy smoothness
    [+] Box Killer is now savable and improved
    [!] Fixed CPU hack issue when ticked at start up autologin
    [!] Fixed rare HS error msg affecting auto restarter
    [!] Fixed an autologin/autostart crash bug
    [!] Fixed Icy problem found in ver .B13
    [!] Fixed some minor bugs
    [+] Added latest version download option whenever there is a new version available
    [!] IMproved Autologin stability
    [!] Improved autosell stability and added autocc after autoselling is finished
    [!] Fixed many small bugs
    ==120.1.A==[*] Updated to Patch 120.1
    [!] Fixed CC crash issue when overused
    [!] Fixed startup lock/freeze on some rare systems
    [!] Fixed an autologin issue on these rare systems - if it crashes for you on user/pass stage when autologin, make sure you use F11 to restart client to make the autologin fully working
    [!] Improved map rush to prevent crash
    ==119.1.A==[*] Updated to Patch 119.1
    [!] Fixed Auto AP issue
    [+] added a few more tweaks for stability
    [!] Updated Icy
    [!] Updated Auotlogin regarding to resolution issues (please keep it in 800x600 with botting)
    [+] MapRush related functions have been recoded
    [!] All hacks and functions should work as before
    ==118.3.A==[*] Updated to Patch 118.3
    [!] Updated to Minipatch 117.2
    [+] Added back Max Charged Skill Damage Hack
    [+] Added No Delay Phantom->Mille Aiguilles & Tempest  -Picture: hhtp://puu.sh/13m3U
    [!] Fixed F11 -> BaM Auto Blue Aura not casting issue
    [!] Fixed some of the random crash problems
    [+] Added speed control to Final Attack No Delay
    [!] Fixed some stability issues
    Updated to v117
    [+] Added a Repot NPC for Temple of Time
    [+] Added MapRushBack support for full Temple of Time path
    [+] Added AutoSell support while item vaccing
    [+] Added Enable Disabled Buttons                       -Picture: http://puu.sh/IkVk
    [+] Added Enable Sell NX Equips in Shop               -Picture: http://puu.sh/IlhJ
    [+] Added Bypass for Skill Block in FM                   -Picture: http://puu.sh/Iljz
    [+] Added Mouse-Over Character Info on everyone -Picture: http://puu.sh/IkLC
    [!] Fixed a crash bug when ICY showing DMG
    [+] Added latest Map Rush data
    [+] Optimized AutoLogin with randomized MAC ID
    [!] Fixed issue causing SpawnVac to disable randomly
    [!] Fixed minor bugs
    [!] Improved SpawnVac for latest version
    [!] Fixed AutoPot Rebuy
    [+] Updated to patch 115.1
    [+] Updated item filter list
    [+] Updated to patch 114.1
    [!] Fixed CPU issue
    [+] Added checkbox for Buff no delay
    [!] Fixed a restart issue with no delay barrel 
    [+] Added No delay Jett (lvl10+) (Running out of MP will cause DC)
    [+] Added Full Map Att support for Jett
    [+] Added No buff Animations
    [+] Restart MS Now Button in smart restarter ui
    [+] Added new world support - Renegade
    [+] Added new BlackCipher complete bypass to counter the dc detection issue
    [+] Added No delay Buff - Optimize some NDFA skills
    [!] Nodelay Barrel (cannon) + bomb(pirate) are now restartable inside F2
    ==112.4.B==[*] Updated to minpatch 112.4
    [O] Updated to Client 112.3
    [+] Added 50% memory tweaks per maple (~300mb reduce per maple
    [!] Added many stability updates and fixes
    [+] Added checkboxes for [Map No Fade] and [Walk Through Walls] in Beta GUI, not on default
    [!] Improved Trainer Stability 
    [!] Updated to 110.2 Client
    [+] Added Feature -> Map No Fade [Default]
    [+] Added Feature-> Walk through walls [Deafult]
    [+] Added Feature-> Always show mob hps with color bars [Default]
    [+] Added Command Line for autostart ie. BT.exe -autostart
    [+] Added Attack Mob only Inrange (beta) - not affecting all skills yet
    [+] Added No Delay Bomb
    [!] Fixed CPU hacks
    [!] Fixed Nodelay Barrel MP check
    [!] Fixed a startup crash on some computers- 
    Please do not activate any compatibility setting in BT.exe or maplestory.exe anymore
    [+] Unlock all hidden quests
    [+] Unlock Dmg Hacks
    [+] No Delay Barrel (Beta)
    [+] Unlimited free Owl Of Minerva - [Arrow Mode] - use 1 arrow per FM search
    [+] Unlimited Map Tele 
    [O] Updated -> MiniPatch 109.2 
    [+] Completely Disabled new BlackCipher detection
    [!] Improved overall trainer function for this new version
    [!] Fixed a stability issue
    [+] Added Feature -> Improved New City Teleport method for all Towns
    [+] Added Feature -> Changed/Redirected all Disconnection Crash to Relogin.       - Greatly Reduced vac and hack Crash possibilities and startup/login lag                     - Thanks to Cam and Kiki's method
    [!] Improved -> bRush algorithm for faster rushing
    ==109.1.01==[*] Updated -> client 109.1
    [+] Added Feature -> New No Delay FA for [Aran]
    [+] Added Feature -> New No Delay PG (TM) for [Blaze Wizard]
    [+] Added Feature -> No Dmg 2 -> Added Skill animation removal [Beta]
    [!] Improved Feature -> CPU 1 and 2 Hacks 
    [!] Fixed Bug -> Auto Attack/loot non responsive in Embed mode
    [*] Updated -> Bypass and trainer now compatible with all systems including 32bits
    ==108.1.02==[*] Updated -> Client 108.1 - initial release[*] Updated -> bRush Data to gMS 1.08
    [+] Updated -> New bypass compatible with new system
    [+] Added Feature ->New City teleport options to replace patched options
    [!] Fixed Bug -> SpawnVac 3.1
    [!] Fixed Bug -> full map item vac - Beta
    [!] Fixed Bug -> Icy
    [!] Fixed minor reported bugs and Improved overall stability
    ==107.2.01==[*] Updated -> Client 107.2 - initial release
    [!] Minor Improvements on game Lag
    [+] Added Feature -> Mob No spell Cast is now toggleable by request
    [!] Fixed Bug -> Spearman No delay FA
    [!] Fixed Bug -> Turn off issue with NDFA
    [!] Fixed Bug -> Auto Sell | Pot Rebuy should now all work
    [!] Improved -> Vami with previous fall off problem
    [!] Improved -> MMC vac power issue from previous version
    [!] Fixed various minor bugs
    ==106.2.01==[*] Updated -> Minipath 106.2
    [!] Bypassed the new pe checks
    [+] Added Feature -> F5 BOT: Vami - Closest
    [+] Added Feature -> F5 BOT: Vami - Random
    [+] Added Feature -> Added No delay Final Attack for all jobs (mercedes full map)              Most with Vami compatible
    [+] Added Feature -> Added No spell cast from mob (stun, seduce, weakness, etc)  [Auto]
    [!] Improved -> various SpawnBot issues
    [!] Fixed Bug -> replaced patch to a new Skill key hack (ie. aran and other hackable keys)
    [!] Fixed Bug -> Cashshop issue which doesn't comes out
    [!] Fixed Minor Bugs
    [!] Improved General stability
    [!] Reworked the trainer design
    [+] Added WH ICY - Summon mob select drop down     - Auto detect all available mobs,  no more manual summon    - Auto Grabs Mob Names and ID
    [+] PG-FullMap 3.0     - new and improved bypass ban method
    [+] Added Auto Update Notice
    [+] Added NSMP - no skill movement patch    -now tickable for users don't want no skill movement (aran,nodelay step/dash)
    [+] Updated Filter list to v106
    [!] Improved city teleport from latest rush detection
    [!] Improved Auto PG-recast, Job mount after relogin
    [!] Improved MMC/ Gravity stability
    [!] Removed Map speed by request and safety/misusage
    [!] Fixed minor yet important issues regarding pgfma
    [!] Minor updates on FullMapPG and other hacks
    [+] Updated City Teleport - more city selections
    [+] Added PG-FullMap V2     - Improve  algorithm, should be much safer if not completely     - note don't have random mob on top of you
    [!] Fixed some issue involving license expire/ trainer update with PG-full map on
    [!] Fixed a rare start up crash issue found in a specific user
    [+] VIP Server upgrade 
    [+] Updated MapRush Data to 1.06 (fixed Previous maprush/sell rush bug)
    [!] Fixed some setting save bugs
    [!] Minor improvements
    [+] Added Auto Restart Capability for [Full Map Item Vac] (BETA) by request
    [+] Added Back [SpawnVac 3.1] support **must be activated and followed by F5&spawnbot**    - use with caution for now
    [+] Added [ICY] lag reducer - No Dmg Shown
    [!] Improved and recoded[ICY] stability for less lag and dc
    [!] Recoded and fixed [Pet Item Vac] Dc issue when there are too many items on the ground
    [!] Fixed a few minor bugs reported
    [!] Changed dll name to helper
    [!] Many minor GUI changes
    [+] Fixed Evan-FMA crash issue
    [+] Improved PG-FMA safety measure
    [+] Added No customized Vac
    [!] Added extra precaution to Beta hacks
    [!] Fixed a few minor bugs
    [+] Added New Full Map Attack - Evan
    [+] Added new mob no kb v2
    [!] Seperate skill/evan FMA with other vac selections
    [!] Updated Mob NO kb - This should fixed DC while attack
    [!] Recoded SpawnBot so it doesn't reset map
    [!] Updated Autosell/Rushback
    [!] Improved FMA-PG method on detection
    ==1.6.1==[*] Client Updated to Patch 1.6
    [+] Added New Evan PG compatible with PG Full Map Att | Full Map ItemVac
    [+] SpawnBot and KamiBot(v1 BaM only) are both usable for bot
    [!] Disabled SpawnVac 3.1 for now
    [!] Fixed minor Bugs
    ==1.5.3==[*] Major GUI and hacks/features revamped ...
    [+] Added Beta test area for all future new features
    [+] Added Full Map Item vac - complement with PG FULL Map Attack/ICY
    [+] Completedly Recoded [PG full Map Attack] using new methods to avoid detection - safer and more stable
    [+] PG Full Map Attack is now restart compatible
    [-] SpawnVac is disabled in F4 for now till next patch.
    [!] Fixed many minor bugs
    [+] Added PG Full Map Pwnage - don't use other attacks, PG only, turn it off if you want to use regular attacks/skills
    [!] Fixed Auto Mob filter crash error
    [!] few other bugs fixed
    [!] Improved Memory hack stability a bit
    ==1.5.1==[*] Client 1.5 Patch Update
    [+] Added AutoDie (based on lvl and exp%)
    [+] Added 2 new KamiModes which can be customized for different jobs
    [+] Added 2 new mob tracking modes which can be customized for different maps
    [+] Added Cannoneer Full Map attack (lvl30+)
    [+] Added New memory Hack to reduce memory as much as 10x.
    [+] Added PVP 1HKO (skillatt) as a toggled option
    [!] Minor Improvements on botting
    [+] New Mercedes Hack: Instant Parting Shot
    [+] New Mercedes Hack: Instant Aerial Barrage
    [+] New Mercedes Hack: Instant Rolling Moonsault
    [+] New Mercedes Hack: Leaf Tornado & Gust Dive on the ground & without being high
    [+] Added PVP Max Damage Hack (1 hit ko) - for charged skill (ie Corkscrew)
    [!] Compatible with the latest legitbot (v4 and up) now
    [!] bypassed the new check for Skill Bind to any key (ie aran)
    [!] wpm command fix for 32 bits, should work with the familair nodelay by cam
    [!] Fixed minor bugs 
    [!] Fixed a mob with Mob lag
    [!] Improved SpawnVac 3.1
    [!] Added Minor GUI notes
    [+] Added SpawnVac 3.0
    [+] Added VSC (Vac Stability control)[!] Adjusted Icy
    [+]Added Unlimited Cannon Jump 
    [+]Added/Fixed Unlimited Siege&Tank Mode
    [+]Added No Delay Cannon AA    - require use command mode [can be entered directly in BT - Stretch mode OR use ingame chat and add @bt before the command]   cannon [on/off] [lvl of the Anchors Aweigh ] [delay of the spam in millisec]ie to turn it on with lvl 3 skill @ 100 ms per summon   cannon 1 3 100to turn it off   cannon 0
    [+] Added KamiV2 (Beta stage)
    [+] New City Teleport (takes a bit to reach a few city, please wait up to 20 sec)
    [!] Minor improvements
    [+] Updated to Patch 1.3
    [+] Added 1 Extra BT Sever
    [+] Added Charged Damage Hack (for All charged skill Attacks)
    [!] Auto Revive should be fully functional now
    [!] Fixed Temple of Time Rush 
              Use command : 
             Temple 1  : to start rushing any map from leafre to Temple)
             Temple 0  : to stop
    [!] Fixed DamageMe command
    [!] Fixed Crusader Codex hack
    [!] Fixed Temple Rush for TimeTemple
    [!] Fixed Auto Revive
    [!] Fixed some minor crash issue
    [+] Patch v 1.2 fellowship update
    [+] Added Auto UAC Detection for win7/vista users
    [!] Added Map Rush bypass for new patch
    [!] Remove Map speed due to d/c misuage
    [!] Improved Icy 
    [!] Fixed CPU hacks restarting issue
    [!] Fixed Botting Godmode 2billion damage bug
    [!] Fixed kami on mob lock
    [!] Fixed auto pot rebuy 
    [+] 1.1 MiniPatch#1 update
    [!] Fixed Autosell crash bug
    [!] Fixed Icy crash bug
    [!] Fixed some startup issue
    [!] Fixed many Minor bugs
    [+] Patch v101 update
    [+] MesoBot 1.1
    [+] Added party @ any lvl.
    [+] Added LvlBot 3.0 Beta (GMS)-> refer to Tut for further instruction on how to start
    [!] lvl bot no longer enters cashshop after disable.
    [!] Enhanced SpawnVac 2.1
    [!] Fixed minor bugs 
    [!] Fixed SpawnVac and SpawnBot Bugs
    [!] Fixed Autosell and pot rebuy bugs
    [+] Added "maptele [mapid]" command for direct map tele after moviescreen
    [+] Updated to GMS MiniPatch v1.00 #3
    [!] Fixed CPU hax bug during startup
    [+] Added GMS instant LVL bot
    [+] Added Auto Job completion addon
    command for lvlbot
    lvl [delay] [lvl limit] => start lvl without job completion
    lvlw -auto job for warrior
    lvlb -bowman
    lvlm -mage
    lvlt -theif
    lvlmc - mech
    lvlwh - wild hunter
    lvlbm - battle mage
    lvl 0 any job
    start at begining map of character creation
    ===100.13===[*] Updated to MiniPatch 100.2
    [+] Added CSEAX UA replacing Beta UA [F2 option]
    [+] Updated MapRush Data to v100 and Added MSEA v1.07 data as well as hidden/dungoen maprush data
    [!] Improved Icy. MobId input is no longer required. 
        -Summon your mob once ingame to have the ID stored.
    ===100.10===[*] Updated to MiniPatch 100.1
    [!] Moved LegitBot 3.0 to the front GUI
    [+] Added Full Codex Exploit - thanks to cam
    [!] Mob no kb can now be turned on/off by users
    [!] Fixed some f9 respawn issues
    [!] Fixed few minor bugs
    [+] New method of initalization, no more hackshield error
    [!] Removed False positives from AVG
    [!] Improved petIV walk
    [+] Added 2 extra BT servers to better handle more users
    [+] Improved Pet IV
    [+] Added back Weblogin option in F8
    [+] Added back infinite Pet revive
    [+] Added AutoSell/Pot rebuy support in Elinia ruins
    [+] Added Auto mount [SiegeMode]
    [+] Added New Splash Window for setup progress.
    [!] Fixed AutoRecharge bug, it will now auto charge as soon as you used up stars/bullets
    [!] Fixed Pet IV bug with Auto cashshop
    [!] Fixed some compatibility issue regarding to BT startup
    [!] Improved overall botting stability.
    [!] Fixed Icy cs damage issue
    [!] Fixed Pet IV bug
    [+] Added v1.00 Pot NPC data
    [!] Icy Updated thanks to riu
    [!] Improved Auto Pot Rebuy
    ===100.1=======[*] Game Update to 100
    [+] Added Preset spawn vac coordinates in a few maps for better stability
    [+] Added Advanced StarRecharge [customized list]
    [+] Enabled Filter star autosell option
    [+] Added Improved Spawnvac 2.1
    [+] Added a few Crash Patches
    [!] Fixed minor bugs involving SpawnBot
    [+] Added Time log for restarter, autosell, maple star
    [!] Fixed bugs involing VIP licenses on BT lite ver
    [!] Removed auto revive on BT lite due to abuse.
    [!] Fixed Beta UA bug
    [+] Added Back Beta UA
    [+] Odd/even cc is now reloadable 
    [+] Random channel is now reloadable 
    [+] Added Preparation for MSEA compatibility
    [!] Fixed license id/forum name not displaying correctly on the trainer 
    [!] Disabled PK nodelay summon for this version.
    [!] Embedding animation is no longer required. it is now instant.
    [!] Fixed few minor bugs
    [+] Added PK Nodelay Attack with delay [No MP usage mode]
    [+] Added PK Nodelay summon with delay 
          -[All summon Mode] - utilize any summon in map to kill player.
          -[My summon Mode] only uses your own summon mob to kill player
    * ND PK summon and Attack are tested on all stages of PvP
    * No MP usage. can be used in any lvl and jobs.
    * Remember to choose a suitable delay for your computer/internet
    * PK ND attack uses a hotkey (Ctrl) to activate
    [+] Added Reset PK HP/MP mode
    [!] Fixed Black screen bug
    [+] Added Start PK Mode
    [+] Added nodelay PK summon
    [+] Added nodelay PK attack - Disabled for now
    [+] Added Auto Job Mount - [Wild Hunter][Mechanics]
    [+] Added Auto BaM Aura
    [+] Added Transparent modes 
    [+] Added Autologin support up to 15 chars
    [!] Fixed Nexon ID reset bug (-error 0/firewall error)
    [!] Removed no breath.
    [!] Minor Bugs fixed
    [+] Added Auto Star Recharge whenever you require star.
    [+] Added NPC Rush Support for [Toly - Path of time - Ludi]
    [!] Updated Icy
    [!] Improved MapRush and NPC Rush methods
    [!] Fixed CPU hack #1 and #2 Reloadable bugs.
    [!] Fixed Minor Bugs
    [+] Added Nodelay PK summoning   - Thanks to Cam
    [+] Added Nodelay PK attack  - Thanks to Cam
    [+] Added Beta UA [F2] for stability improvement - Thanks to Cam
    [+] Added Walk UA [F2]
    [+] Added CPU hack 2 to further reduce CPU and maximize multi usage
    [!] Improved SpawnVac speed and stability
    [!] Fixed F9 auto turning off
    [!] Fixed PG godmode bug [mixed up with full godmode]
    [!] Fixed kami loot speed
    [!] Fixed minor bugs 
    [+] autoshift setting is now savable
    [!] Autologin is now always minimized login 
    [!] Face left is now loadable from restarter
    [!] Fixed auto star recharger bug
    [!] Improved spawnvac 2.0 stability
    =====99.5[1 year anniversary edition]======
    [+] Added Full SpawnBot and SpawnVac 2.0
    [+] Added F9 - MapLock -> rushback + respawn xy
    [+] Added F10 - Auto Inventory sell + Pot rebuy
    [+] Added F11 Smart Restarter
    [+] Added Auto StarRecharge
    [+] Added Unlimited MiniDungeons
    [+] Added Fall through wall
    [+] Added Support to all new pot NPCs and miniDungoens rushing.
    [+] Added Nova and 8th character autologin support
    [+] Added Safe botting godmode 2 (for spawnbot)
    [!] Fixed Godmode bug with restarter
    [!] SpeedUp is now savable
    [+] Overall CPU optimizer
    [+] Added new CPU Reducer - reduce up to 70% cpu usage - greatly increases multi capacity (20+ maple)
    [+] Added startup Ad remover to improve login speed and stability
    [!] Optimized BT server checks for botting stability 
    [!] Fixed possible respawn XY bug [ make sure respawn map id is correct, and auto respawn is ticked.]
    [!] Increased NoSell List limit from 1000 to 50000 items .
    [!] Autosell will now auto update the nosell list regularly once Customized list is activated.
    [+] Added customized mobid for icy summon
    [!] Improved icy autorecast after cc/cs
    [!] Removed minimap dependancy for icy drops. No longer required to be opened for items to drop on you.
    [!] Fixed Bug: Priest PG auto recast
    [+] Added customizable vac point save for all vacs. Auto reloadable by BT restarter
    [+] Added back Evan damage boost (Always max charged damage)
    [!] Fixed Bug: Evan skill crash 
    [!] F7 Item/mob filer will be affective immediately after restart.
    [!] F1 Auto cc will be activated after everything is loaded.
    [+] New HS bypass + Multi Ms
    [+] Added Evan PG 
    [+] Added Icy (WH)
    [+] Added Auto PB summon with Icy
    [+] Added HP and MP pot rebuy limit
    [+] Added Infinite Pet revive (toggle in F3)
    [!] Minor bugs fixed
    ============99.2 ==============================
    [+] Added one extra BT server to reduce lag and imporve botting stability
    [+] Updated full v99 Map Rush data - completed
    [+] Added Lie detection avoider - completed
    [+] Added mobfaded - completed
    [+] Added Auto tele mastery for PG (no need to cast yourself)
    -PG skill will auto cast after restart/login/revive/need)
    [+] MMC / GravityVac xy will be auto set to [character+right] upon activation
    [+] Added [Grab Current Map & XY] for Rushback and Respawn info.
    [-] Disabled VBNM startup key press for now
    [-] Disabled Evan Dem for now
    [-] Removed Pet infinite Revive for now
    [!] Improved auto revive with 5 sec full godmode - completed
    [!] fixed mob no fight back
    [!] fixed pet bug when its dead - completed
    [!] fixed dual blade skill: final cut crash problem - completed
    [+] Added F6 Godmode Advanced Settings -> click on F6 icon ->[ SafeGomode/Full Godmode/PG godmode ]
    [+] Added BT activation status display
    [+] Added Unlimited BaM Arua
    [+] PGmodes and PG settings are now savabe and reloadable before start
    [+] Added 4 Customized skill/mount/pg summon keys for restarter (V/B/N/M will cast once upon restart)
    [+] Web stats support for character status/slot
    [!] Fixed pet fullness and auto pet feed
    [!] Fixed PG godmode
    [!] Fixed unable to start issue with 32bits computers
    [!] minor bugs fixed
    [+] Added Chaos support
    [+] Added Auto Inventory cleanup/sell
    Sell filter:
    - Filter potential items
    - Filter One of kind items (special items)
    - Customized Sell Filter
    [+] Added Auto Pot Rebuy
    - automatically pot monitor 
    - auto activate pot rebuy once monitored HP / MP pots < 20
    - auto rush to the nearest NPC
    [+] Added [New Unlimited Attack] - safe walk mode to replace the old method
    [+] Added [Respawn XY] with specific Map ID
    [+] Added [Auto RushBack] to specific Map ID -setup before launch, BT will always try rushing to that map before activating vac/bot
    [+] Added RushBack Support in Brusher for ALL miniDungeons and other hidden maps
    - Ossyria: Pillage of Treasure Island
    - Ossyria: Drummer Bunny's Lair
    - Ossyria: The Round Table of Kentaurus
    - Ossyria: The Restoring Memory
    - Ossyria: Newt Secured Zone
    - Ossyria: Hill of Sandstorms
    - singapore: Critical Error
    - singapore: Longest Ride on ByeBye Station
    - Sweet Cake Hill 1
    - etc. added a few other hidden streets
    [+] Added [Auto Revive]
    [+] Added [WebLogin] & [GameLogin] options for faster Auto Login/restart process
    [+] Added Multiple Fixes for "unable to login at the momemt" during autologining
    [+] Added [BT Restarter] compatible with all BT funcctions, vacs, Autobot and Spawnbot.
    [+] Added [Setting Save] and Reload for All options including preset F1-F8
    [+] Added [new safe Godmode] for botting/attacking - {Auto turned on}
    [+] Added [safe NoBreath] - {Auto turned on}
    [+] Added [No Background] and [NO MapObject] (ie platforms and ropes) - toggle
    [+] Added back [unlimited laser]
    [+] Added brand [new Tubi] which bypasses the crash check and allow you to loot overnight
    [+] Added [Walk Bot] complementing F5 spawn vac loot.
    [+] Added [F5 SpawnBot] with advanced bot settings + [spawn vac 2.0]
    [+] Added Profile -> new Default Setting -> reload a brand new setting file with default option.
    [+] Added Click options for F9/F10/F11. Activate them by simply clicking on the image (easy to use with multi)
    [!] Improved hotkey response
    [!] Moved old F5 - Evan full map attack to GUI edit[More->Vac catagory]
    [!] Fixed an issue with auto cc going back to the same channel
    [!] Fixed an issue with XP not able to start BT
    [+] Added Pet item Vac Filter options. stops item vac once the chosen slots are full
    [+] Added [No Music] option
    [!] Fixed the crash problem for 32 bits computer
    [!] Removed Virus scan false positives
    [-] Removed unlimited laser for this update
    ========98.1=======[*] Minipatch #1 update
    [!] Remove slot restriction on Pet itemvac. Will add option checks next update.
    [!] Fixed no disk pop up error.
    [!] Added compatibility with other msbypass.
    ========98.0=======[*] v98 patch update
    [!] Improved Pet item vac. It will not vac once your eq/use/etc slots are full.
    [!] CPU improvements
    ========97.6========[*] v.97 2nd MiniPatch Update
    [!] Enhanced Error handling
    [!] Removed Sound effect for both background and skills
    [!] Improved license request hanlding
    [!] Fixed Minor bugs
    [+] Added CC options - All channels, Even channels only, Odd channels only.
    [+] Added PG effect removal to reduce lag.
    [!] Fixed a compatibility issue that only supported x86 family microprocessor with the SSE2
    [!] Fixed a minor crash issue.
    ========97.4============[*] MiniPatch Update
    [+] Added PG speed control and godmode
    [+] Added Back BaM+ PG boss only
    [!] Fixed Player no KB crash
    [!] Recoded some functions and focused on cpu reduction.
    [!] Fixed F11 bug
    [!] Fixed char no kb turn on/off bug
    [!] Fixed mob filter bug
    [!] Fixed one system incompatibility problem.
    [!] Fixed a minor HS bug
    [!] Fixed maple resize bug
    [+] Added New Pet Item Vac 2.0
    [+] Added Maplestory latest version check before startup
    [+] Improved some part of memory usage.
    [!] Fixed a major bug that may cause startup crash with bt
    [!] Tubi is now auto off. you can manually turn it on when needed
    [!] No player kb can now be turned on and off
    [!] Improved the stability & safety of Kami character item vac and Pet Item vac 
    [!] Fixed "Exxx" crash bug from errorreport
    [!] Disabled BaM+ PG for now due to safty. you can use 97.0 to beta test it
    ========97.0================[*] v97 patch upgrade
    [+] Added another PG option (BaM+) - for lvl 120+ damage upgrade
    [!] Improved trainer compatibility and stability on different systems.
    [+] Added Air attack support for battleship and related job skills.
    [+] Added back Evan skill damage booster - max charge dmg without charging.
    [+] Added full godmode (CC) as godmode #2. you can also use command listbox for godmode3 (PG/CC)
    [+] Added special player no kb compatible with dash skill/fj 
    [!] Fixed a BT.exe crash issue with errorreport.
    ========96.8 ===============
    [+] Added Auto ErrorReport. Now you can send it with your bug report
    [+] Added safesetting3 - pg style thanks to Zyphent
    [!] Fixed a few minor bugs
    ========96.7 [Stable ver]======
    [+] Added extra BT server capacity.
    [!] Reduced memory usage per maple.
    [!] Improved how BT server handles multiple clients
    [!] Hotkey is now compatible with other games,ie SC1/2
    Removed the restrictions of Ctrl 1-9, cltrl +Q and Alt +R on other games 
    [!] Improved targetting specific maple Ad closing for MultiMS
    [!] Disabled Ghost DC
    ========96.6 [Stable ver]======
    [+] All three Godmodes inside BT are now compatible with 6 PG jobs. 
    [+] Stable ver : stable PG speed
    [+] Added Priest PG
    [+] Added Back PG compatible godmode./ Use command for packet full godmode.
    [+] Command lists for easy/quick cmds
    [!] Improved all jobs PG Speed by more than 30%.
    [!] Default ghost dc delay to 400. decrease/increase it as you like.
    [!] Improved City teleport
    [+] Added Infinite Pet Revive [beta]
    [+] Added Full Godmode replacing godmode 2 [cc required]
    [!] Enabled Multi bypass for all BT package.
    [!] Reduced CPU signifcantly for each Multi-Maple.
    [!] Improved Threadsafe and stable botting
    [+] Added No Restrictions (CC/CS/MTS/item/skill usages/etc) on all forbidden maps
    [!] Improved F4 botting method + kami loot. also added cc after disable
    [!] fixed a small bug in item filter
    [!] improved rusher settings 
    [!] improved SP ctrl in F1 [read the instructions]
    [!] Re-enabled Mob lag hack
    [!] Fixed an issue with disabling mob no fightback 
    [!] default ghost dc delay to 25 
    Under Exploit Addons
    [+] Added GhostDC delay adjustable
    [+] Added Show hidden Potential and Show Hidden Rank 
    [!] Recoded general trainer botting and hacking routines for better stability.
    ==========96.2 Stable Version================
    [+] v96 Legitbot updated and included.
    [!] F6 Godmode - old Safer godmode for general purpose
    [!] Godmode 2 - new safe Godmode (PG compatible)
    [!] Improved safety in F4 botting
    [!] Improved full map environment godmode.
    [+] [new] Added safe F6 godmode -Beta (compatible with PG as well)
    [+] [new] Added full map environment godmode.
    [+] Added Cashshop reset for all city tele
    [!] Changed Godmode 2 to full packet godmode, CC required.
    [!] Fixed the Unlimited RocketBooster crash issue
    [!] Fixed the ItemFilter bug
    [!] Fixed the NoMagicAttack bug
    [+] Added New license system for S and U.
    [!] Improved Speed and Stability of PG Mode
    [!] Improved General Protection
    =======95.10 Update 2 of 3========
    [+] Added PG Mode for 4 jobs [Beta] - more to come in future updates
    [+] Added SiegeMode Walk/loot/jump/Attack Unlimited
    [+] Added Faster Mob Spawn
    [!] Reduced CPU Ingame
    [!] Fixed an issue with Autologin
    =======95.10 Update 1 of 3========
    [+] Added loot support For unlimited Siegemode. To be used with F4 with full map char item vac.
    [+] Added VIP Legit Bot [more Details on the forum]. 
    -Click the Legitbot Icon to activate [once per trainer] 
    [+] Added Detector Lights for Multi-Botting Setup [Green=ready to go] (Multi users only)
    [!] Fixed some startup error/crash in certain systems.
    [+] Added Nodelay Step[Auto]
    [+] Added Unlimited Aura Cast for BM [Auto]
    [+] Added Unlimited Mechanics Mode(All Mech Mode) [Auto]
    [+] Added Nodelay FlashJump [Auto]
    [+] Added BT Embedding [Beta mode]
    [!] {CharNoKB} is not longer auto turned on from start.
    [!] Fixed some minor bugs/glitches
    [+] Unlimited Laser Blast (Mechless)
    [+] Unlimited Mechanics Portal Anywhere
    [+] Unlimited Satellite Protection
    [+] Rocket Booster Anywhere
    [+] H-LX / EX-7 Air Summons
    [+] Unlimited SiegeMode
    [+] F4 Supports for the new Mechanics hacks
    [+] Skill #3 - recast every cc
    [+] Godmode2 (Packet) enabled , requires CC
    [+] Updated the trainer for v95 minipatch #3
    [+] Improved full map IRM - full mob tracer with no map restriction, no lag
    [+] Improved mouse mode IRM - left click for target fix
    [!] Fixed PE send, logger with recent patch
    [!] Reduced RAM/CPU for multi botting users
    [+] Updated the trainer for v95 minipatch #1
    [+] Added new PE Send bypass
    [!] fixed some startup crash issues
    [!] improved stability for IRM full map mob trace nodelay 
    ======95.3 stable rls========
    [!] Fixed random crash for multiMS users
    [!] Updated Anti-Dc
    [!] Improved general botting stability
    [+] Added many new CityTeleport
    [!] Improved Gvac 
    [!] Fixed all IngameComamnd bugs (ie ccto)
    [!] Fixed Maprush bugs(to ariant,mushroomshrine)
    [!] Updated AuthSellRush
    [!] Updated no maggic attack
    [+] Added Special multi-maple bypass for multibotters
    [!] Improvements on BT servers
    [+] Added Full Map [raning mine] no delay - mob mode
    [!] Improved some ingame messages for autoclose/offline botting
    [!] Improved botting stability and Upgraded BT server 
    new nodelay command:
    byaa [onoff] [minelvl] [delay per bomb] [mob mode=10]
    to turn on 
    mouse mouse(follow mouse position):
    byaa 1 20 1000
    mob mode (auto mob tracer):
    byaa 1 20 1000 10
    to turn off:
    byaa 0
    [+] Added PCMac ID bypass for autologin
    [!] Improved general botting stability 
    [!] Disabled godmode 2(CC),you can still turn on packet godmode using command: godmode2 1
    [!] Fixed minor bugs
    [+] Added Summon exploit command 
    (command: rls xxxx, ingame chat command: @BT rls xxxx) -xxxx is the mobid in dec.
    [!] Fixed several bugs to improve botting stability
    [!] GodMode 2(CC) please use with a low cc command. F6 godmode is safer without cc.
    [!] Fixed user defined recv block (block recv xx / @BT block recv xx) -xx is the packet header
    [+] Added BT announcement
    [+] Added Ingame command to control ALL BT functions directly. 
    ie.type in chat: [@BT F6 1]- turn on F6(0 to turn off)
    [@BT ccto 3][@BT variable][@BT plat 1] [@BT SP xx xx xx][@BT RP xx xx xx xx]...etc
    [+] Added Ingame BT function status Display
    [+] Added new Receive Packet send [RP]
    [+] Added Ghost D/c [beta]
    [+] Added a Surpise Exploit command for you to find...(may be rlsed later)
    [!] Fixed 00000 Crash Error/maple startup
    [!] Fixed some forum name display error
    ========94.4 [beta]=========
    [+] Added new pot NPC support for new cities
    [+] Added Remember Hidden portal as an option to avoid Brush glitch
    [+] Added AntiDC support to Ghost DC 
    [!] ***Switch F6 with Godmode 2 for botting safety***
    [!] Fixed No mob Magic Attack while fly vac
    [!] Removed BT tag on Shop Exploit
    [!] minor bugs fixed
    [!] Fixed a bug related to HS error
    [!] Added back Vmware support for now..
    [+] Added Forum username display[Beta]
    [+] Added Autologin support for the new world, Arcania
    [+] Recoded the system to fix internet problems/crashes some users might experience.
    [!] Fixed UA bug not autostarting in 94.1
    [!] Changed Autoskills to not recast after every cc now
    [!] Updated Rusher/MapID/ItemID lists to the latest v94 -thanks to Fuzzymuffins
    [!] Removed Vmware support
    [+] Recoded AutoSell Rusher for nearest pot npc
    [+] Added AntiDC support on some other map crash
    [!] moded some GUI windows
    [!] Fixed some skill/cashshop crash
    ======v93.2 update=======
    [+] Added [Exploits] menu 
    - Boss D/C Hack
    - Open Free Permit Store with Customizable Titles
    - Mushroom shop reset
    [+] Added Anti-DC from others
    [+] Added new UA with auto turned on option
    [+] Added LvL and attack pointers on display
    [+] Added More City Tele options- NLC
    [!] Fixed F6 Godmode a/b bug
    [!] Fixed Meso pointer bug
    [!] Fixed few minor crash bugs
    [!] Fixed few minor GUI bugs
    ======v93.1 update=======
    [+] Added Boss Fade
    [+] Added v93 Big Bang Map rusher data
    [+] Added Autologin support for 2 new worlds (El nido + Zenith)
    [+] Added an extra BT server for less downtime and more stable botting
    [!] Fixed old [F9] Fly DC problems
    [!] Enabled PE functions
    [!] Fixed minor bugs
    =======v92.3 update======
    [+] added 2 safe botting settings included (48hrs no dc tested)
    [+] added mushroom shop reset :: command: "mushyreset"
    [!] fixed untickable no player kb 
    [!] fixed most crash problems. stable bypass release
    =======v92.2 update=======
    [!] Fixed Vac 2.0 bug
    [!] Fixed some problems with memory leak
    [!] Improved botting stability
    =======v92.1 update=======
    [+] Added unlimited free store permit 
    [!] Improved the stability and safety of autobot item vac
    [!] Recoded and improved windowed mode
    [!] Reduced cpu usage by half for every maplestory instance
    [!] Fixed minor bugs
    =======v91.3 update=======
    [+] Added babybypass splash
    [!] Fixed cc bugs
    =======v91.1-2 update======
    [+] Added full map attacks - thanks to Cam
    [+] Added new hs bypass
    [+] Added new ms bypass
    [!] BT level 2 licenses can now support 16 maples at once
    [!] HWID system updated with winlicense (minimized abnormal hwid changes)
    [!] fixed minor bugs
    =======v90.3 update======
    [+] Max SS Damage hack (199k)
    [+] new stable Gravity Vac 1.0 (no more annoying gm msg/dc/ab)
    [!] Trainer GUI reorganized
    [!] fixed minor bugs 
    [+] Added more City Tele
    [!] fixed mob lag
    [!] minor bugs fixed
    [+] Added Offline Botting to reduce any extra CPU usage
    - maximized multi-instances maplestory capacity for unlimited users(up to 16 multi)
    - minimized login must be used 
    [+] Added Maplestory cutomized HWND title for easy multi management
    [+] Added Always Face Left
    [!] Fixed damage booster problems in some 32 bits win xp
    [!] minor bugs fixed
    ========89.3+ 89.4=============
    [+] Added Dmg Booster to charged skills, change ur attack to maxium damage without charging
    [+] New license account system and new server added
    [+] Added Auto AP assign for each level
    [+] Added Filter use/eqip/etc options in F7
    [+] Added BizBlast 2.0 
    [+] Added more City Teleports
    [!] Box killer fixed
    [!] Recoded and improved bRusher loading and cpu usage.
    [!] Improved vac 2.0 and decreased d/c rate, please use timed auto cc as well
    [!] minor bugs fixed
    ====89.1 update======
    [+] Added Mob filter. (filter all + black/white lists)
    [+] Added SAWMCIB (attack only when mob greater than # )
    [!] Improved Fly vac(mmc) and with no magic attack
    [!] Improved rusher. Press stop and cc when map doesn't load sometimes
    [!] Improved resposition with spawn control
    [!] minor bugs fixed
    ====88.4/5 update=====
    [+]Added spvac 1.0. set vac point in the middle of the vac for best result
    [+]Map rusher also now support special maps (FM, minidungoen,etc)
    - must enter the map at least once yourself before it can be added to the rusher
    [+]Added Item filter (blacklist + whitelist)
    -filter everything selected on filter.txt
    -filter everything other than the ones selected on filter.txt
    [+]Added New dualblade/aran hacks, thanks to cam
    -Flying assaulter anywhere 
    -No Delay Flash Jump(hermit,dualblade,nightwalker,dawn warrior)
    -nodelay combat step
    [!]Improved Map rusher speed. 
    [!]Improved fly and other hacks delays 
    [!]Improved Vac2.0 dc issue
    ====88.3 update=====
    [+] Added full godmode test ver. 
    [+] Added Auto turn while attacking
    [+] Added Damage Remove
    [!] Improved auto skillhack.only place any immovable skills to any ingame keys you want
    [!] Improved some bp lag issues
    [!] Mobs nofightback is auto turned on for botting and bossing conveniences
    [!] Fixed a small autologin bug (pressed enter after each successful login)
    [!] Cleaned up GUI a bit
    ====88.2 update ======
    [+] Auto sell rush beta rlsed. feel free to give feedback
    [+] Added filter everything but meso.
    [+] 2 types of beeps (1node=cc'ed, 2 nodes=cc failed) are now controlled by CCalert
    [+] Added Randomized/sequential channel options
    [!]. Known bugs fixed : perion tele, autologin with 7th slot, quest/meso/item display problem
    [!] Filtered item list updated to v88. thanks to W8baby member:flyrocket 
    ====88.1 official release ======
    [!] improved rusher
    [!] vac 2.0 stability improved
    [!] version update will not stop current running trainer. 
    ====87.11.1 beta release=====
    [!] fixed windowed mode resolution
    [!] fixed server issues
    ==== 87.10.1 beta release =====
    [+] added character speed up(up to 3x), dont' use with normal attack, it might dc, only walking/bp 
    [+] few commands to try: (enlarge trainer window to enter)
    cmmand codes:
    temple 1 (temple of time rush on) start at leafre or any maps after
    temple 0 (temple of time rush off)
    asdf 1 (aran bp on) can be combine with UA and character speed up, don't turn on any godmode in the trainer.cc if touched mobs
    asdf 0 (aran bp off) 
    DamageMe xx (damage urself with specific damage)
    SP xx xx xx xx (send packet)
    ctrl +Q (fly vac point on mouse position) alternative command: varaible 1
    autoreposition alter commands: plat 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (where plat 0 is for reset)

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    First, thanks for update log biz

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    2nd, im so hyped for v98.3!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bizarro View Post
    [+] Added F5 SpawnBot with advanced bot settings + spawn vac 2.0


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    holy shit dude this is an epic update

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    Yay can`t wait! Time to level all my Non-PGers !
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    This is going to be the end of meso prices, but the beginning of enjoyment D=

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    when is it coming out?:(

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    And how we wait for 98.3...


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    would pg and spawn vac cause auto ban? probably a ton of lag due to hitting every monster, right? xD

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    Woot Woot .. i just woke up LF>Coffee <3 you biz

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    spawn vac

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